BlueFix Basal Implants

BF basal implants are revolutionary and completely scientific tool for dental rehabilitation that does not require bone replacement even in the worst cases.
Made up of of high-quality biocompatible titanium these one piece implant is every dentist's first choice to be placed in bicortical bone.
BF basal implants ensures the integration and immediate loading of implants in highly mineralized cortical bone with a high degree of regeneration.
BF basal implants are the first choice of every Indian dentist in moderate or severe atrophy of the jaws as well as in the cases where patients want an immediate return to chewing function.

One-piece implant for residual socket

An asset for rehabilitation of atrophied resorbed maxillary and mandibular jaw

The surface cleaning is done through a plasma treatment that removes adherent endotoxin

BF Basal implants are indicated for immediate loading technique .

BF Basal implants is suitable for loading post extraction in both maxilla and mandible

This implant can also be placed in case of bone atrophy

Unique morphology to allow the engagement of the second cortex

Gives excellent protection from inflammation with no pumping effect

Anodised surface with comfortably bendable neck

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Available Sizes

Prosthetic Components


Surgical Instruments

The drills of Bluefix system are designed and manufactured to guarantee their constant efficiency and maximum durability. The use of special hardened stainless steel and the next generation finishing processes are decisive in achieving a top-quality product. DLC - Diamond Like Carbon coating of all Bluefix drills is performed using a perfectly biocompatible material which increases their surface hardness and decreases bone overheating d u ring surgery.

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Torque Rachet
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Hand Driver
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Driver inserter

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About Us

  • Full touch big screen
  • Graphical planting process selection, a variety of parameters at a glance
  • Cooling and flushing of inner and outer channel
  • Built in water supply system with small size, good performance and convenient connection
  • A new generation of motors with torque of up to
  • High performance brush less motor, powerful torque output, highly efficient chip structure
  • High brightness LED light source with brightness up to 30000Iux
  • Multifunctional pedal controller