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BlueFix Basal Implants

BF basal implants are revolutionary and completely scientific tool for dental rehabilitation that does not require bone replacement even in the worst cases.
Made up of of high-quality biocompatible titanium these one piece implant is every dentist's first choice to be placed in bicortical bone.
BF basal implants ensures the integration and immediate loading of implants in highly mineralized cortical bone with a high degree of regeneration.
BF basal implants are the first choice of every Indian dentist in moderate or severe atrophy of the jaws as well as in the cases where patients want an immediate return to chewing function.


The top-quality intraoral scanner from BlueScan, Panda P2 delivers great value addition to your digital workflow in terms of increased accuracy, flexibility, efficiency, speed, and productivity. Its smooth operability offers unparalleled performance in the form of high-quality pictures without inconveniencing your patients. The state-of-the-art scanning device BlueScan Panda 2 is the smallest video-type 3D intraoral scanner in the world! And the best part, it is 50% faster and 30% more accurate! So, make it a part of your digital workflow and enjoy the difference.

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